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As we go along, and as soon our beneficiaries are confident enough, we will keep adding success stories below. So, watch this space.
  • MIchelle Viljoen
  • My name is Alisha, I have been raped when I was very young. My life was falling apart after the rape. I was just not interested in life anymore. I fell pregnant with my 1st child at the age of 17. I have no regrets abt that at all cos my kids are a true blessing from God. I was involved in a few abusive relationships which drove me to start doing drugs and drinking. I was on drugs for 8 years. Looking for love in all the wrong places. It's caused problems for me and my family. Especially my mum. I would steal money from her to feed my habits. I got involved in all the wrong things but then in 2016 I realized that that life was just not for me anymore so I decided to stop doing drugs and just focus on making things work with my mum. And now 3 years later my mum and I have a good relationship. The best we had in years. I also never thought that I would get married but now I am married for almost 2years with a man that loves me inspite of my past. Now I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful kids and another one on the way. All this by the grace of God



Many women today are in vulnerable situations like domestic violence, prostitution and drug addiction because they are unable to feed their children or to financially sustain themselves.


Though social workers, shelters and homes for the destitute may assist with a temporary solution, we believe that a more permanent solution should be put into place so that these women may stand on their own feet and become the solution rather than the problem.

Our Plan

The project plan is one that will run over a period of about five years where the 1st phase would be to focus on the mind. Each individual will have access to a Life Coach to reach a place of self actualisation and where their dreams and visions will be taken into consideration. Waves of Women aim to teach women skills such as baking and sewing, catering, and business skills and how to become self - sustainable.

Your assistance

In order to do this we need equipment and machines. Partnerships, transportation and skilled teachers. We would like to offer the programme to Teenage Girls from Grade 10 to 12 so they would not be left without resources when they leave school.


Let's make it happen

We appeal to you/ your organisation for financial assistance to see this vision come to pass and to make a difference in our community.


Yes... With your help we can do magic for those who need it

Our brand

Our logo depicts an confident african woman adorned with colourful jewelry and african print headscarf in the shape of South Africa.

Colour selection is based primarily on prints and handmade jewelry produced in Projects under our care.

Who we are

Waves of Women ( WOW) is a registered Non Profit Organisation.

Our aim is to support and create empowerment opportunities for Women (married and single Mothers) and Teenage Girls.

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New sustainable business ventures

We firmly believe that in teaching a person to fish, we teach them to adequately provide for themselves. Help us to ignite new sustainable businesses so that families can become self-reliant

We rely on private sector funding

As a Non Profit Organisation we look to individuals and the private sector to help us to fund our operation. Your funding enables us to effectively run School programmes, Teenage Pregnancy prevention programmes, Women from Shelters Empowerment programmes, and Entrepreneurs for Teens programmes. consumables

Independent Oversight

Pillars of our community from part of our executive team for accountability and transparency sake. We welcome involvement by professionals in Law and Accounting to provide additional guidance to us.

Metrics are our game

Constantly checking where we are in relation to the targets we set is a skill we have honed. Afterall if something is not measured it can't improve. Right?!

Beneficiaries per year. Our Target is 80 vs current 50. An effective (62.5%) is currently reached.

Volunteers needed to help. Our Target for 2019 is 10 vs current 6. An effective (60%) of target reached - thank you!

Venues required to run programmes. Our Target is 6 vs current 3. An effective (50%) of venues required is secured.

New Business Success stories. Our Target is 10 per annum vs current 4. An effective (40%) reach.

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